Why sex is important?

In a marriage or any type of committed relationship, sex can be complicated. You want your spouse to be your best friend and confidante but you also want to share your most intimate sexual moments with this person. How can your spouse be both your confessor and your bed-mate?

Yet working together to build both a solid friendship and a healthier sexual relationship with your partner is essential to the success of any long-term marriage. Without sex, your spouse is essentially your roommate. You want more out of your relationship than just sharing the same roof.

Besides intimacy, sex also is connected to commitment. The act of lovemaking is simultaneously the act of expressing the love you have for your spouse in a primal, physical, deeply personal way.

That doesn’t mean that every sexual encounter has to be a “10”. That’s not realistic. Still, the act must be genuine and sincere.

There are a lot of factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of sex as an expression of intimacy and commitment with your partner. First, as we get older, our bodies don’t respond the same way they do to sexual stimuli. Plus, aging causes changes in the bodies of both partners. So attraction may not be as ardent as it was during the early days of the relationship.

Then there’s the familiarity of the sexual encounter itself. After several years … or decades … of marriage, you’ve probably done everything with your spouse that you would care to do, tried every position and everything you could think of to spice up your sex life.

And then there’s entire world outside the bedroom that can interfere with your sex life. Anxiety about family, career, finances, the state of the world and a hundred other things can find their way into your bed and get between you and your spouse.

But what if the problem is that your marriage itself is eroding? How will that effect your sex life? If you don’t take steps early to address this, it can effectually ruin your intimacy, possibly forever.

The first step to reviving your sex life is to make sure that any other areas of your health that may be affecting your sex life are addressed. For example, if the man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he needs to speak with his doctor because this usually is an indication of circulatory problems. While this can be addressed in the short term with drugs like Viagra and Cialis, left untreated it could affect his overall health.

Secondly, it’s tie to begin to restore your marital contentedness in order to reignite your sexual relationship to where it once was. This begins by opening the lines of communication between the two of you.

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