It should be fun!

Sex is supposed to be fun. If you have more fun watching TV or playing your favorite sport than you have in bed with your spouse, it’s important that you address this issue and reignite your romantic life together. Otherwise, you may risk permanently damaging your marriage irreparably.

You don’t have to go to extremes in order to spice up your sex life. Despite what you might see on late night cable television, most people are relatively conservative in their sexual mores. So trying to do too much too soon is just as bad a strategy as not trying to do enough or anything at all.

The best ways to improve the pleasure of your sexual encounters are often the simplest. Do something to set a romantic mood in your bedroom. For example, throw a red towel or blanket over the reading lamp or light some candles to set a seductive mood. Even a new sexy outfit can add spice and variety to your lovemaking.

Memory is also a powerful aphrodisiac. Look back on your sexual history and revisit some of the highlights. Did you once make love in an exotic location or do something particular naughty when you were younger? Why not try to reconnect with that past memory to excite your partner’s inner passion.

Pay attention to the ways your spouse responds to your touching, kissing, patting, pinching and tickling during lovemaking. You probably will learn more from non-verbal communication than you would by simply asking the other person outright what turns them on the most.

Finally, it’s okay to take risks once in a while. Probably, the worst that will come of it is that you will share a good laugh together. Rent that sexy movie that caught your curiosity or suggest that you play a sexy game together. If you catch your spouse in the right mood, it could lead to some passionate, intimate adventures.

Be romantic by using flowers, candles, back rubs and other techniques to stimulate your partner. But don’t be afraid to play the naughty card as well. Do something new together or engage in a new way of lovemaking that will be memorable for both of you.

Couples that stay together for many decades tend to share a common trait: They both know what they want out of their lives and out of their marriage. This extends to the bedroom. If you or your partner are dissatisfied with your sex life, it’s important that you do something about it before it’s too late.

My new guide, “Marriage Saving Solution” offers practical, actionable advice on how to make your sex life livelier and more enjoyable for both parties. But that’s only one small part of the overall approach it takes to healing damaged and failing marriages so that you can resolve any issues you are having inside and outside the bedroom.

Sex and marriage are supposed to be rewarding. If you’re not getting what you should from your marriage, then Marriage Saving Solution can help you identify and resolve the problems before they get too big for you to handle.

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